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The Artisans behind the tile ~ BlueSlide Collection

I thought you all would appreciate a little background on the wonderful tile artisans I represent in the studio so here is the first!

BlueSlide was founded in 1982 by Bryan Gordon in the lovely coastal mountains of Point Reyes,CA. Originally trained as a fine artist at UC Berkeley, Gordon decided to take another path. Rather than continue to graduate school for painting he started working with clay. He studied the historic craft of tile making in North America, Spain, Mexico and Europe. 

Every tile reflects a fine art sensibility with each tile being hand-cut using brass and wooden tools. The simplest piece is handled up to 30 times insuring quality craftsmanship. Glazes are hand applied in multiple layers giving them a richness and depth unattainable by the conventional spray booth technique. 

They believe in the inspiration and beauty of great design and with a palette of over 60 glazes, multiple field sizes, and numerous decoratives each BlueSlide tile has the potential to transform a space. 

  • 4 June 2012
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